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Broccoli, Corn and Potato Soup

Though I can refer you to a website that again will always have better pictures than me, I did remember to photograph this one. We found it…MADE We made it…This time we substituted some frozen ham we had instead of

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Curried Singapore Noodles

This was a quick meal, and pretty good.  It would be great with shrimp as it was written, but it works well substituting more veggies as we did, too. We found it…America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook or here We made

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Easy lo mein with stir fried broccoli and beans

We have only made lo mein once or twice, and it’s been OK. It’s never a hit, but then again, who can compete with takeout? This dish is not authentic and doesn’t even pretend to be. For the lo mein…

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