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Making do in a move

We’ve moved to CO and are doing our best to settle in. We brought enough of our kitchen so that some simple dinners could keep happening in the month we’ll be waiting for our things. In true form, we found

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Chicken salad from roast chicken

There’s no recipe here, just a money and time saving trick that Chris and I often like to use.  It generally starts on Sundays.  Every once in a while we enjoy what we call ‘Sunday dinners’.  These usually entail a

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Some thoughts on eating local

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out why eating local is so important to Chris and me.  Though there are plenty of reasons, I think it comes down to one in particular for us. It’s not about organic vs. conventional

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Apple Cinnamon cookies with a maple cream cheese glaze

I’ve been in the mood for making various new and interesting treats the past couple of weeks.  Also, Chris gave up caffeine (including chocolate) for Lent, so I’ve been trying to find husband friendly snacks.  These cookies from Perry’s Plate

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Thankful (and it’s not even November!)

Excuse me for being a bit personal.  I promise I’ll supplement it with some food talk as well, since that is the whole point of the blog!  But bear with me for a minute. This weekend we bought a car. 

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What was for birthday dinner at the White house? (Chris’s 25th edition)

For our birthdays we always get to choose what we want for dinner, and, most importantly, for dessert.  It can be a nice dinner out followed by picking up a sweet treat on the way home.  Or it can be

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Christmas Tour of Treats

As I mentioned previously, we did a lot of treat making this Christmas.  With the exception of a few new things, we made what we made last year, despite our warnings to ourselves to go a little easier.  What can

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What was for [Christmas] dinner at the White house (Week of Dec. 19)

Merry Belated Christmas from the White house!  Though I didn’t post this past week, I can assure you that the Christmas cooks (thanks Mom and Aunt D!) were busy and still eating…definitely still eating.  And you better believe I made

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The Great Banana Bread Showdown

My friend (who I am forever indebted to for introducing me to Cook’s Illustrated) and I had a banana bread show down.  A few months ago CI published what they called ‘Ultimate Banana Bread’.  Their main goal was to see

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