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Complex quilt number two

Recently I finished the last of the quilts in the queue for a little one who was born to some dear friends in late December.  It took so long because I had so many quilts in the queue, but also

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Kale and pasta bake

We found it…Alexandra Cooks We made it…As written, with the campenelle and kale and splurging for fresh mozzarella. We ate it…3/4 pound of pasta tends to yield 6 servings or 3 meals for the two of us. We thought…This is

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Scarf weaving

Early fall Chris sent me an innocent text message with a picture. See, he thought I’d be tickled to see a loom for sale at the university surplus store.  My instant response was, ‘How much is it?’.  You see, I’ve

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This is what 500 pieces looks like

It’s been a whirlwind of weddings and babies the last 6 months, and it has definitely kept my quilting in check. As of February 1st I was still behind a baby quilt for a baby that was born at the

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Adventures in the Buckeye state

We started the new year off right with some travel.  Because we hadn’t done that in a while (sarcasm).  But in all seriousness, we were super excited to travel for this one.  A friend of mine from grad school was

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Black bean and hominy tacos

I think most of us can agree that tacos make a quick and delicious meal no matter what you put in them. These ones are no exception! We found it…Three Many Cooks We made it…as written minus cloves since they

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A little quilt for a little man

My best friend from high school is preparing to welcome a little man into the world pretty soon.  That meant it was time for a little quilt. Making this quilt was pretty special for me because I had made his

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Still eating…usually

Yes, we’ve been eating regularly, but it has taken a backseat to both quilting and traveling.  We were blessed to be able to spend time first with family and then celebrating the weddings of some lovely friends.  It was exhausting,

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Chipotle quinoa burgers

This is one of our somewhat homely ‘make do’ dinners, but it worked out well and tasty. We found it…Three Many Cooks We made it…as written minus the salsa on top. Improvisation is hard in a poorly stocked kitchen and

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Making do in a move

We’ve moved to CO and are doing our best to settle in. We brought enough of our kitchen so that some simple dinners could keep happening in the month we’ll be waiting for our things. In true form, we found

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