This is what 500 pieces looks like

It’s been a whirlwind of weddings and babies the last 6 months, and it has definitely kept my quilting in check. As of February 1st I was still behind a baby quilt for a baby that was born at the end of December. I’m putting the finishing touches on that one and will share soon. But today I want to share the latest adult quilt I completed in less than two weeks.


This is what 500 2 1/2 inch pieces looks like just two weeks before you have to have a quilt done. I sewed them all into their squares one weekend. Thanks to catching a stomach bug, the top wasn’t completed until the following weekend. Along with basting, quilting a double line along the sashing and figuring out bias binding for rounded corners.


I also threw in a pillow because that’s how I pictured it. And my visions sometimes get the best of me regardless of how impractical they are. I finished hand sewing the binding before going to Bingo the night before we left to head south and celebrate with the bride and groom.  I was so excited to have it finished to take along with me.


The pattern is called granny squares and it has been the big blogging deal since it was posted by Blue Elephant Stitches. When I saw it, I knew it was the perfect one for my friend. I already had a few colors I knew she liked from when she was brave enough to venture into a fabric store with me last summer. In case you’re wondering, I do take notes. (c;

I found a fabric line that had those colors and fit the vintage, but not too vintage feel. I stuck with Modern Roses for all but the border because they played so well together.

I always try to make sure the quilt is perfect for my friends, but there’s always just a bit of doubt as I drop it on the gift table. This time my concerns were set aside when I saw the bride’s teal shoes (with her amazing vintage dress). Then the reception had lots of flowers and a vintage modern feel, and I breathed another sigh of relief.  Sometimes I just need confidence in knowing I know my people!


The back was the only thing I wasn’t quite sure of.  I went with large scale flowers, which felt a little wrong to give as a joint gift to a husband and wife. Now, having met the husband, I think it’s very safe to assume he’ll be just fine with it. It was so great to put a face to a name that I’ve heard from my friend so many times in such a reverent and delighted way.  And I am so so happy to see my friend so happy. Putting these 500 perfect little pieces together was just the icing on the (beautiful) wedding cake.

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