Chipotle quinoa burgers

This is one of our somewhat homely ‘make do’ dinners, but it worked out well and tasty.


We found it…Three Many Cooks
We made it…as written minus the salsa on top. Improvisation is hard in a poorly stocked kitchen and pantry!
We ate it…it made 11 good size burgers for us. We ate one each for dinner along with chips, salsa and some greens and found it hardy enough. Hardy enough to pass on any sort of bread or wrap. We had a leftover burger for brunch with an egg on top, which was very tasty. The rest are frozen, so we’ll see how they come out.
We thought…they were hardy and tasty. Chipotle can be spicy, so you might want to hold off on it depending on your tolerance. As the recipe specifies, I think you could flavor these up any number of ways.

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