Dinner table topper

I jumped on the bandwagon that I’m pretty sure most crafty/sewey blogs on the internets jumped on. Quilters all over, young and old have been making scrappy trip around the world quilts – Quiltville.

I had previously made a full trip around the world quilt for a friend, and it was pretty easy and satisfying. I needed a table topper for our table since place mats often don’t cover enough area and the (cheap) veneer is starting to chip.  Wanting to make our table last a little longer into our debt repayment process, I decided the scrappy trip was a perfect project for it.

The scrappy trips around the world encourage you to choose whatever fabrics you have in hand. Luckily I had been collecting some cute fat quarters during various trips, and this gave me an opportunity to use them.  I added in some extras from other sewing projects I’ve done here and there.  I made 4 blocks, each containing a strip of orange in the center since our kitchen contains a lot of that (as does our whole house…).  The cows on the corners were obvious.  It is out kitchen after all!


Most of the fabric was acquired because I loved it, and the rest made me think of other people I’ve made things for.  That alone made it a really fun project to work on.  I only had to pick up a little bit of the trees and the brown stripe/binding.  I just couldn’t make any of my meager stash work the way I wanted.  The quilting design was fun, and I’m particularly tickled at how the quilting looks on the back.  I learned the right ways to start and stop in the middle on my machine, which will help me in my next project.


Of the fabrics I loved, the back was most definitely included.  I love paisley, particularly if it’s ugly.  I had just enough of this fabric to make it work.  Best of all, now the topper is reversible!

I did have a lot of help in the process. Ping decided he’d have to try it out to make sure it was comfortable enough for his spot on the table. Yes, our cat is a pest and often joins us at the dinner table.


What can I say? It’s a good thing he’s cute!

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