Valentine’s Day

Meet Baxter.


Yes she’s a calico. Which means she’s a girl. She can handle the name Baxter all the same. What’s it to ya?

That aside, she’s an aspiring cook so I’m sure you’ll see more of her.  In the meantime I offer you indoor s’mores.


Given that he does not need much in the way of stuff, I’m always looking for interesting gifts.  Chris loves roasted marshmallows. I had the idea of finding a way to do indoor roasted marshmallows anytime he wants for Valentine’s Day.  I found the little grill on Amazon – it’s called an indoor or tabletop mini hibachi.  There are also s’mores sets that you can purchase, but that was a little more space in our kitchen than I wanted to devote.


The fire itself comes from Sterno.  You scoop some out of the metal tin it comes in and into the hibachi before lighting it with a match.  It lights incredibly easily and only burns until the fuel is gone, so it’s pretty easy to have it go for just long enough to roast what you want.  You can’t put water on it to put it out, so keep a tin can nearby.  You can invert that over the flame and let the lack of airflow extinguish it.

The marshmallows are America’s Test Kitchen, though The Frugal Girl has written the recipe out to make it easier to gather your ingredients.  I was never able to get the sugar mixture up to 240 degrees.  It hovered around 230 and they turned out just fine.  It does require almost a whole box of gelatin, so be prepared.  Finally, the video cautions you to move quickly.  Though it’s helpful for nice and smooth marshmallows, it’s not the end of the world if some gets stuck in the bowl.  More to eat while you’re waiting for the bulk of them to do their marshmallow thing!

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