Easy lo mein with stir fried broccoli and beans

We have only made lo mein once or twice, and it’s been OK. It’s never a hit, but then again, who can compete with takeout? This dish is not authentic and doesn’t even pretend to be.


For the lo mein…
We found it…Cook’s Country online
We made it…cut the sauce in half since we skipped the chicken. We also added some chili garlic sauce and sesame oil to spruce it up. We also cut up the cabbage and grated the carrot since Kroger had no cole slaw mix. And yes, I’m bitter about that store.
We ate it…3 meals plus some extra.
We thought… for better or worse, I love ramen noodles. It wasn’t the healthiest meal, but it was quick and delicious.

For the stir fried broccoli…
We found it…Cook’s Illustrated magazine (the one with the broccoli on the cover)
We made it…as written, but substituting some green beans for some broccoli
We ate it…6 times with the lo mein
We thought…we love the method, but should cut the spice.

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