Mushrooms and kale with red quinoa

This dish is filed under the types of dishes that seem so simple I probably wouldn’t like it.  Except that I love it.  I often forget that complicated ingredient lists and pages of instructions don’t always mean that a dish will be a stand out.  And a recipe lacking all of those things doesn’t mean it will be a dud.  Sometimes, a few simple but good ingredients make all the difference.  This is one of those dishes.  It’s easily a go to of ours when we want something light, filling and yet delicious.


We got it…from Bev Cooks, but we really should print it out!
We made it…as she wrote except we used thyme that we had instead of oregano.  We also use about a half pound of shitakes and a whole bunch of kale.  For one of the leftovers we put a fried egg on it.  I’m on an egg kick and it was a good complement.
We thought….again, one of the best dishes we make.  It’s a standby that doesn’t disappoint.
We ate it….2.5 times.  Sometimes if we’re feeling hungry, we’ll get just 4 servings out of it.

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