Soft boiled eggs

Recently I have been obsessed with reading Agatha Christie novels. Mostly Miss Marple has been the detective of choice (I may or may not have already read all of the Poirot books…). Since she is an old fashioned lady, I read a lot about old fashioned England. This got me thinking about a proper breakfast of soft boiled eggs and soldiers. Armed with some Christmas money, I went to the downtown kitchen store looking for egg cups. They only had one, but graciously offered to order me the most adorable ones instead and they came in this week. Not necessarily proper, but cute enough to make up for it. Gotta love the service at the small, local places.



We found it…Cook’s Illustrated online.
We made it…as written. Bring a half inch of water to boil in a saucepan. Add eggs, cover and cook for 6 and 1/2 minutes. Rinse eggs under cold water and put in adorable cups.
We ate it…once.
We thought… cuteness aside, we both really liked the soft boiled eggs. Given they’re so easy, we’ll definitely make them again.

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