Acorn squash quesadillas and salsa verde

We still had a few acorn squash leftover from the early ending of our CSA, but were unsure of what to do with them. We decided to give this recipe a try again since neither of us remembered if we liked it.


We found it…Salsa from Cook’s Country online and quesadillas from Smitten Kitchen
We made it…We threw the poblanos in with the squash. They peeled easily, but the squash did not. The jalapeƱos for both the salsa and filling were way too hot. We ended up adding some tomato sauce we had around to try to cool it off. It was still too spicy. I added kale and potatoes to eat the leftovers. Still too spicy.
We ate it…3 servings.
We thought…it was, as previously mentioned, way too hot. We should have paid attention to the jalapeƱos we put in. Not a great place for the squash to be highlighted. The cast iron and butter method for crisp quesadillas is a keeper though. The salsa recipe is great (when not too spicy) and uses canned tomatillos.

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