New Year Traditions 2013

A new year is a good time to revive this blog to make it a bit more manageable and useful for us (and hopefully you, too!). We hope to have periodic posts that talk about some of the things we’ve eaten, where we’ve gotten the ideas and some notes about how we prepped them.

To start the new year off, we adopted a tradition of my mom’s and made some monkey bread. Luckily we got to share it with friends and weren’t forced to eat it all ourselves.


Source: Cook’s Country online
Notes: Skip the glaze and add nuts (we forgot them this time).

Since our friends hosted an amazing lunch, we were too stuffed for our planned dinner. We made it a day late instead.


Main: Quick cooked greens and black eyed peas
Source: Cook’s Illustrated online
Notes: Collards are best. Drizzle with red wine vinegar. Start bacon and add onions and garlic. Then add greens and let them cook in that.

Side: Double corn cornbread
Source: Cook’s Country online
Notes: Delicious as is.

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