Late Summer Picnic

It’s late summer, and very rarely (this weekend definitely excluded), there will be cooler days that tempt you to poke your head out from under the shade.

Last weekend, Suzi and I decided to take advantage of the rare nice weather and have a picnic at the state park. ¬†We decided well in advance to stay simple, but Suzi’s creative side is relentless!

Our original idea of cheese and crackers quickly escalated. Suzi made some outstanding French bread with a taste of rye flour mixed in, and we shared slices of several local cheddars, goat cheese, and hard salami.

To top it off, we made an extremely tasty salsa out of sweet corn, peaches, basil and heirloom tomatos from our CSA. Trust your eyes, it was just as tasty as it looks!

That made for a nice, cool evening next to the lake. The taste of autumn weather has me really looking forward to the next few weeks. This area has some pretty nasty hot sticky weather through most of the summer*, so I’m thrilled that cool autumn evenings are on their way!

* If your name is Amanda, this phrase actually reads: “This area always has awesome, super pleasant weather all year long.”

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4 comments on “Late Summer Picnic
  1. BFF says:

    Haha that is awesome! I’m so glad to hear about your year-round amazing weather! :)
    (PS: Salsa looks delicious…send recipe please.)

  2. BFF says:

    …I just discovered that you posted the recipe in your previous post.

  3. Amanda J. says:

    BFF, please don’t let him trick you!

  4. BFF says:

    CW would never lie to me! He totally has my back. :)

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