What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Aug. 28)

Uh, so September starts tomorrow.  Seriously?  When did that happen?  Consequently I’ve filled our menu up with lots of fresh things this week.  Gotta eat them while they’re here.  They’ll be gone before we know it!

As a side note, we’ve cracked the code on how to store basil and keep is lasting all week (or more!).  We got basil a week ago this past Saturday (August 20th), and stored it in a vase like a basil bouquet.  Each day we trimmed the bottom of the stems and changed the water.  It lasted well over a week this way as we used it stem by stem.  It even made an appearance in this Monday’s meal! We put what little remained and had started drooping by Tuesday in the fridge (plastic bag and wet paper towel).  I looked at it again tonight and it should be good to go as a garnish tomorrow.  Wonder upon wonders and it kept us from making yet another round of pesto. (c:

Late posting, but here’s what we have or will eat this week!

  • Peach, corn and tomato salsa on a french baguette, fancy cheeses and salami – We had an easy lake night meal and it was super fun (not to mention tasty). Chris even taught me how to make bread!
  • Fresh corn chowder – We have a favorite corn chowder that uses frozen corn, but I wanted to try it with fresh.  Yum.  Indiana sure does their sweet corn well.
  • Spicy Thai stir fry with Japanese eggplant, red onion, sweet peppers and tofu – It used a cup of basil which was still going strong!
  • Tuna melts and sauteed fresh okra – We usually like to get okra once per season, and it did not disappoint this time around!
  • Zucchini fritters – This wasn’t our fave, but it wasn’t bad either.  We served them with an egg over top.
  • Double broccoli quinoa – This is a fave (obviously) and we wanted to share it with Chris’ BFF who is coming to visit.
  • Tapioca pudding – I wanted to make this so we had it as a dessert for our lake picnic.  It was ok, but I’m not convinced that it’s THE recipe, so I’ll have to experiment.
  • Freeform tart with peaches and blueberries – I’ve had a hankering for this for a while, and company is a great excuse.
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