What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of July 30)

Last week I ate way too heavy and way too much.  Not to mention, as I discovered on my run this morning, it’s still way too hot here.  All of that adds up to what I hope is a lighter set of meals this week.

Though there were many tasty things last week I’d have to say the two highlights were the blueberry pie (it actually set up!) and the spicy Thai stir fry.  We used egg plant as our ‘protein’ and the rest was veggies.  Serves over just a bit of brown rice, and it was just what I needed to finish out a week of heavy eating.  At some point, I’ll need to do a stir fry post here.  We have a lot of different sauces, and a really easy formula for making it so it’s a great way to use the veggies you have around.  Perfect for random CSA shares!

Speaking of shares, this week we got more green beans, several different kinds of eggplants, kale, sweet peppers, a cucumber and tomatoes.  We still had some jalapenos, potatoes and a zucchini.  At the market we treated ourselves to some corn, Brussels sprouts, peaches and a cute little watermelon.  We didn’t need to get very much at the grocery store this week!

  • Bruschetta on sourdough and Brussels sprouts hash – There is something amazing about a simple bruschetta.  Gotta love the basil and tomatoes of summer.
  • Grill out at the lake – chicken tacos with salsa verde, Mexican grilled corn and potatoes.
  • Roasted vegetable sandwiches – We definitely have an abundance of both bread and veggies this week!  So far we have a zucchini, eggplant, sweet peppers, green beans and potatoes to roast, but we might throw some more in there.  For bread we can have wheat, sourdough or rye.  Spoiled!
  • Garbanzo, feta, and eggplant greek pita sandwiches – Mmm. Fresh pitas and veggies.  Plus we already had most of what we needed!
  • Pesto potato salad and chickpea patties – I really only wanted to cook beans once this week….
  • Hot dogs and french fries – Well, this one is often a repeat.  And lucky for us we have extra rolls in our freezer.  I told you we had a surplus of bread!
  • Sourdough pancakes – Chris has his starter always in the fridge so it makes a really good and easy Friday meal.
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