What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of July 24)

Well, almost all of a sudden canning season was on me.  We missed the local strawberries for some plain strawberry jam, but we opted to get some on super sale from the grocery and whipped up some strawberry vanilla jam.  Too bad it didn’t set, much like our strawberry rhubarb jam.  At first I blamed me, but I think I can safely say now that it was bad pectin.  Sigh.  Good thing I was able to redeem the strawberries with some strawberry shortcake.

strawberry shortcake

We also weren’t able to pick blueberries this year, because the place we go to had a really bad crop.  All the rain we had did not agree with the blueberries, and they were only able to open for a few hours.  Needless to say we weren’t able to get up there for that.  We picked up some Michigan blueberries at Marsh and, though there’s nothing like berries you pick yourself, they’re really good.  And quite pretty.

blueberriesThe blueberry jam has been made (and it has already set up!).  We’ll make a small blueberry pie with some of them and the rest of the 10 pounds (I told you they were good!) will be frozen for the winter.

Our CSA brought us zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, sweet peppers and egg plants.  We picked up some basil, yellow squash and heirloom tomatoes, which are beautiful….

heirloom tomato

  • Homemade pizza – we went with another margherita and just cheese.  What can I say? It’s a great meal for guests!
  • Italian drip beef and spaghetti salad – We’re having guests and this is an easy crockpot meal.  I’ve been craving spaghetti salad, which is something my mom always made for summer.  It’s a little weird looking, but it is extremely tasty and our guests aren’t too picky.  I also made some chocolate pudding for dessert.
  • Tostadas – We’ll use the leftover drip beef with a carrot, cumber, tomato and jalapeno slaw with some feta on top.  Some kale from last week on the side.
  • Paninis – Cheddar, Boston tomato, arugula on Chris’ first rye bread! We’re roasting some potatoes to go alongside.
  • Cream pasta – This is an old favorite that we haven’t had for a while.  It involves pasta, zucchini and squash sauteed in a sage and thyme cream sauce.
  • Spicy Thai basil stir fry – Good use for some of our basil and eggplant!
  • Out – In honor of our first date there, we’ll have dinner at the county fair to see the cows!
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