What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of June 26)

We have been on a baking frenzy today!  The browned butter brownies are cooling and we have some banana bread in the oven now.  I figure it just gives me more and more motivation to keep running!

The summer abundance that they’ve been warning us would come is finally here.  This week when we went to the farmer’s market, we had a double share waiting for us and the other booths were overflowing as well.  This week our CSA brought us LOTS of basil, 2 zucchinis, a patty pan squash, 4 cucumbers, cabbage, two bags of new potatoes and 4 heads of fresh garlic.  We also picked up some green beans and red raspberries around the market.  I couldn’t resist the berries!

We also visited our CSA farm.  Among other reflections I have about the visit coming in another post, we have sweet, seeded watermelons to look forward to.  I simply cannot wait!

  • Mahi mahi, roast rosemary and garlic potatoes and salad
  • Egg salad sandwiches, brownies and chips – We’re helping Chris’ uncle move, so we thought we’d bring dinner over.  The best part is Chris made his multi-grain bread for the sandwiches.  YUM!
  • Chickpea patties and a tzatziki inspired coleslaw – I’m going to try to be creative!  We’ll see how it goes!
  • Pearled couscous with grilled veggies and a miso yogurt dressing
  • Pesto pasta with squash – We’ll probably have some pesto leftover, but we’re looking forward to freezing it.
  • Rosemary, new potato and goat cheese flat bread – otherwise known as a pizza without a sauce. (c;
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