What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of June 12)

Our CSA is really picking up!  This week we got sugar snap peas, lettuce, garlic scapes, basil and an adorable little head of cabbage.  It’s fun to figure out how to use them, since they tend to come in smaller amounts than what most recipes called for.  It works out well for us though – only two of us after all!

This week is a social week for us!  But it’s all good since we get to spend time with good people.  These types of weeks always tire us out but leave us feeling very blessed. (c:

  • Maple glazed pork roast, asparagus and apple braised cabbage – I had been commenting about how we’ve been eating more simply lately, so we decided we should do a ‘fancy’ Sunday dinner.  It was delicious and nice to switch things up for a change.
  • Sweet potato Thai curry – This recipe called for basil and snow peas, so we thought it would be perfect.  Until we realized we had sugar snap peas instead of snow.  I’m sure it’ll be fine with a little tweaking, though!
  • Skillet macaroni and cheese with kielbasa – Chris wanted some sort of sausage this week and picked out this meal.  Looks pretty easy, and we already had the kielbasa in the freezer.  We’ll have to see how it holds up to our favorite mac and cheese recipe.
  • Salad – This week we’ll put some leftover pork, an orange pepper, some mini squash from the farmers’ market and scapes on our salad.
  • Out with a friend
  • To be determined breakfast for dinner (brinner)
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