What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of June 5)

beet risottoToday’s lesson is that beets are really pretty.  Unfortunately, some ways of eating them are better than others.  While the risotto was ok, it was not the best place for the beets to shine.  We much prefer them on their own or in the first beet dish we tried – orzo salad.  But we were all ready to give them a bit of a break to try something different this week.

Until we got some with our CSA that is.  Good thing we like them!  We also got some strawberries, some more collards, a head of lettuce and some green onions.  Things are starting to pick up at the farm, so I’m excited to see what we get in future weeks.

This week we’re doing a lot of random things, but it’s shaping up to be a fun one.

  • Pizza – We put pesto, mozzarella, mushrooms, radicchio and beet greens on it and baked it right on the stone.  It was tasty! And an interesting way to eat the beet greens.
  • Indian potato stuffed  naan – These were actually not very hard, and more tasty than we had expected.  It did take a bit to make them each individually though.
  • Salmon burgers and roasted beets – We had some salmon in the fridge and these looked pretty easy.  We can’t drag out a real grill in our apartment complex, but we can bring out the grill pan!
  • Hot dogs and french fries – What can I say?  I like them.  A. Lot.
  • Pasta with bacon, bread crumbs, white beans and collards – Surely this is a healthy-ish way to eat the collards?  We’re using whole wheat pasta at least….
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