What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of May 22)

The White house is finally getting back to normal!  Well, at least as normal as life gets.  We had a busy week last week that ended in us running a 5K yesterday morning.  I hadn’t done one since high school, and this was Chris’ second ever.  It was a bit hillier than I would have liked (slash was prepared for), but it was definitely a lot of fun.  I don’t see myself running much more than a 5K ever, so it was nice to push myself a littler harder than I would on my regular runs.

In other news, the farmer’s market is starting to come more alive!  There were mostly a lot of greens this week, but it was definitely more than it’s had in a while.  We’re enjoying a good bit of it this week, including some amazing strawberries to snack on.

  • Lentil shepherd’s pie – We had about a 1/4 pound of lentils leftover from the vegetarian sloppy joes we made for the large group last week.  I adapted a more traditional recipe to use lentils instead of lamb.  It wasn’t our favorite, but it was pretty good for a ‘use it up’ kind of meal.
  • Honey-lime broiled salmon and orzo – Chris wanted some salmon, and we hadn’t had it for a while so we thought we’d try this out.
  • Hot and sour noodles with tofu, shitakes and spinach – We got some shitakes in our CSA share this week and we picked up some spinach from another stand.  This is a quick, easy and tasty meal so I’m looking forward to it.
  • Miso shrimp salad – We had everything we needed for this except for a cucumber between our CSA and our cupboard.  Neither of us like radishes much, but we got some in our share and didn’t want them to go to waste.  We’ll see how they taste in this salad.
  • Collards and black eyed peas – We got a few collard greens as well, and though it wasn’t enough for this recipe, we already had our heart set on it.  We had it for New Year’s and it’s been on Chris’ mind ever since.
  • Kale pesto from the freezer over pasta – We ended up putting this meal off last week for a cheese and cracker date night instead.  We had intended to spend the night at the lake, but it was completely flooded and buggy.  We had a nice picnic anyway, though.
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