What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of May 8th)

It’s been a while!  I was doing good for a while there and made blogging and journaling part of my schedule.  That is until my schedule went haywire.

My mom and aunt visited for a wonderful week before Easter.  It was great to spoil them with food, be spoiled by them and just have family in the area for a bit.  We didn’t do much meal planning and just kinda went with what sounded good.  We did make one of mom’s fave meals, and I promised her I’d blog about it.  So that’s coming…I can’t break a promise to my momma!

Then I went to Atlanta to a conference with some lovely ladies from church to get ideas of how to teach little ones on Sunday mornings.  And when I got back I had a hard time getting in to the swing of things.  And here we are now…

Our CSA has started and so the way we’ve been menu planning is changing.  I’ve got to come up with creative ways to use the things we get and can’t just go on my whims anymore.  But, I will say that we are loving it.  It’s like Christmas every week and we’ve already tried things we wouldn’t normally eat.  Beets, as it turns out are delightful!

It’s a short week for us, because we’re headed to my 5 YEAR REUNION! I cannot wait to see some of my favorite people and to show Chris Smith College.

  • Garlicky shrimp pasta, homemade bread and salad greens – Our friend graduated law school this weekend, so we were able to have her, her mom and boyfriend over for dinner.  Chris’ bread was amazing and the pasta was a nice white wine garlic sauce.  yum!
  • Indian spiced lentils, beet greens and kale over barley – We were looking for an easy way to use up the CSA greens and to use up some barley in the pantry.  It wasn’t our favorite way to eat greens, but it was good.
  • Roasted veggies (including beets!) and bread – we were able to freeze some of Chris’ bread and it was the perfect compliment to the veggies.
  • Hot dogs and fridge clean out – We needed something quick and easy while we’re getting the house ready to go.  Who am I to turn down my fave hot dogs?
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