Apple Cinnamon cookies with a maple cream cheese glaze

cookies on cooling rack

I’ve been in the mood for making various new and interesting treats the past couple of weeks.  Also, Chris gave up caffeine (including chocolate) for Lent, so I’ve been trying to find husband friendly snacks.  These cookies from Perry’s Plate piqued my interest this week, and we made them this weekend.

We followed the recipe for the cookie part as written.  She mentions that it makes approximately 18 cookies, but I will say that we got more like 30.  I think she must have a much larger heaping tablespoon than we have!

For the glaze I improvised because maple extract is a no go for me.  Not when we happen to have a whole lot of the real liquid gold good stuff on hand.

Grade A and Grade B maple syrupThough it was quite a stretch for me to use it (I usually horde it only to part with it by necessity for pancakes, waffles and the occasional oatmeal), I thought it was a good discipline in sharing and letting go.  I mixed some cream cheese we had around with some melted butter and maple syrup and confectioner’s sugar to taste.  I don’t have the measurements since I just added to taste, but it turned out pretty good.  It wasn’t quite like a glaze that hardened, more like a frosting to add just a little bit of mapley goodness.

Since it made so many more than we expected, we were lucky that we were able to give some away.  This was extra good because they did not store well since they’re a cakey cookie.  When stored in an airtight container, the combination of moist apples and frosting turned them to a pile of mush.  We were able to eat a lot before they were no good, but couldn’t quite finish them up like we had wanted.

All in all they were a fun little non-chocolate treat.  I don’t know that they’re a make again, but I wouldn’t turn them down if someone wanted to make them for me. (c:

cookies close up

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