What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of March 20)

So, several months ago we started saving for a car.  About a month ago we started looking.  And last week we started shopping.  It’s a giant pain, especially since we’re right in the price range where people aren’t selling.  The ones below are plentiful, the ones above numerous, but the cars right where we are price wise are the ones people are hanging on to because they’re good cars.

That being said we had an interesting week last week, and shuffled our meals around quite a bit to accommodate car shopping.  But we’re back on track for this week (hopefully!).  We aimed at using things from the freezer and pantry this week, but I don’t think our menu is worse for the wear at all!

  • Potato broccoli soup – We’ve made this before, but neither of us can remember if we liked it.  I think it was ok, but not our favorite?  At any rate, we had everything in the pantry or freezer so thought it was worth another shot.
  • Reuben bagel sandwiches – we ended up making the corned beef yesterday, so we’ll be having those this week instead.
  • Pasta with tomato sauce and tuna (plus olives for me!) – I saw this pictured somewhere and couldn’t forget about it.  Should be simple and tasty!
  • Pesto pizza – We have lots of pesto still in the freezer, and so Chris suggested this.  Also, my friend made it last week for a girls’ night and it was tasty.  So I’m pretty much recreating her pizza with pesto, orange pepper, artichokes, chicken and tomato.  It was tasty!
  • Hot dogs and french fries – My mom brings me the best hot dogs ever (pretty sure I may have mentioned that before).  And then I horde them.  But she’s coming again soon, so we can eat the last batch. (c;  Chris is even making rolls for them.  Yum!
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