What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Feb. 27)

Recap from our vacation.  Our niece is absolutely adorable.  The flu is not.  A couple of days into our trip I started feeling a little gross.  By the time the day to fly back came I was feeling terrible – a fever, constantly runny nose and weepy eyes.  A couple of doses of Nyquil and flights later and I went directly to bed for three days.  Where I ate nothing but Cheerios and the lovely eggs and toast Chris made for me.  It was glamorous.

So, that being said, we pushed the skillet chicken pot pie to this week instead.  I’m glad we ended up making it because it was tasty.  However, it was a wee bit more involved than I had intended.

Since I’m still dealing with congestion and a cough, we’re taking it pretty easy this week.  I must be feeling better for Friday.  On Friday my friend and I are going to see James Taylor.  I’ve waited approximately 27 years to see JT live, but kept missing him.  When I found out he was touring with his son, Ben Taylor – another fave of mine, it was decided.  I bought tickets the second they went on sale and our seats are amazing.  I cannot wait.

  • Skillet chicken pot pie – The all butter crust was delightful, but I prefer our biscuit topped one instead.  It was fun to experiment, though!
  • Red beans and rice – This involves sausage, which is never a bad thing.  It’s one of our favorite recipes, but we hadn’t made it for a while.  It’s just as good as I remembered and some day it must be its own blog post!
  • Ethiopian-style chick pea stew – Spring is peaking just around the corner, so we wanted to get this stew in again before it came.  I can’t do stews/soups in the summer for some reason.
  • Homemade pizza – Chris wanted to give his pizza peel another try, and frankly, the pizza is so good I’m not going to argue.
  • We’re also going out with family for a late birthday celebration and again before James Taylor.  Because I’m seeing James Taylor live.  Not that I’m excited. (c;
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