What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Feb. 13)

Happy Valentine’s week!  In our house, that also means Happy Birthday week to Chris!  He doesn’t mind the close proximity of the two dates, because that just means he gets twice the spoiling in one week.  It helps that he gets to pick two desserts so he doesn’t have to choose a ‘favorite’.  All good things for an indecisive person!

Also, beef stew.  I don’t really like beef, but for some reason stew is an exception.  It’s so rich, comforting and filling!  We had it for lunch a few times in addition to dinner last week, and, man alive, I didn’t need to eat any snacks for the rest of the day.

We’re headed to visit the family at the end of this week (our niece.  Chris’ birthday buddy.  soo.  cute. can’t. wait.).  So, much like Chris, you get spoiled this week with two menus!  We did all of our shopping today so we can hit the ground running when we get back into town next week.

Week of Feb. 13

  • 30 minute gumbo – I’m sure this won’t be all that authentic, but we’ve been wanting to try it for a while.  We though it’d be a good treat for our Valentine’s dinner.  Shrimp and sausage? Sign me up!
  • Greek beans over quinoa – I came across this on a blog and thought it looked great.  I love feta and olives (though we’ll leave the olives out for Chris).  We’re also substituting kale for the spinach, because we can.  Hopefully it delivers!
  • Stir fry with a spicy orange sauce – We are supposed to get our new kitchen splurge on Tuesday (a new 12 inch nonstick skillet), and we wanted to put it to good use.  We’re having tofu, peppers, bean sprouts and mushrooms in our stir fry.
  • Skillet baked ziti – This is one of our favorites and Chris’ birthday dinner choice.  It’s quick and easy so it’ll leave lots of time for relaxing.  The verdict is out on whether or not Chris likes it fresh or leftover better.  He calls it the ‘magic’ tomato sauce effect that it always tastes better on the second day.
  • Bean soup or leftover clean out before we head out
  • Curry chicken sandwiches for the road
  • Walnut brownies – these are cooling now and will make a great Valentine’s treat
  • Banana cream pielets – Chris chose banana cream pie for his birthday, but we don’t need a whole pie.  I’m winging it and making a mini version similar to these.

Week of Feb. 20

  • Skillet chicken pot pie – most of the ingredients for this we already have frozen or will last a week in the fridge.  I have the day after we get back off, so it’ll be fun to have this to make for dinner.
  • Not your granny’s mac and cheese – We haven’t made this in a while, but it’s definitely an oldie and goodie.
  • Breakfast for dinner – probably cow and duck shaped waffles and eggs.  yum!
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