What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Feb. 6)

OMG.  Chicken Riggies.  They were sooo tasty.  However, I am finding that the less we eat of meat, the smaller the portions of meat based dishes that we need to eat to get full.  So it ended up going a long way!  And, it makes me enjoy the meat even more.  I still don’t love the taste of a lot of meats, but when it’s cooked well or uniquely it really does make a difference for me.

However, the star of the show last week were the pecan kidney bean burgers.  We had them on the bread machine wheat bread with cheddar, sprouts, spinach and mayo.  Those were great, but what was even better was when we had the leftovers in a whole wheat wrap.  Never in a million years would I have thought to put pecans with kidney beans, but I am forever grateful someone did!

This week we’re doing take 2 of the pulled pork and coleslaw meal for 80 people.  We only bought 3 heads of cabbage this time, and I’m crossing my fingers that the weather doesn’t leave us with having to find a way to eat those up this time!  Here’s what else we have planned….

  • Beef stew – We make this about once a year, and it’s never disappointed.  It’s currently in the oven and smelling great.  Driving me crazy!
  • Seafood birthday dinner – We’re having Chris’ brother over for dinner and he loves seafood.  We caught some great sales so we’ll be having shrimp cocktail, tilapia with a coconut-red curry pan sauce, stir-fried broccoli, cheddar bay biscuits (Red Lobster knock off) and chocolate pudding for dessert.
  • Quinoa taco salad – We’re pairing this recipe with a cilantro lime vinaigrette that we really enjoy.  Plus we have some extra butternut squash to throw in.  Hopefully it’ll offset the hearty beef stew we’re eating for a good portion of the week!
  • Bean soup – Yum! It’s just waiting for us in the freezer.
  • Pulled pork and (you guessed it!) coleslaw
  • Arugula, egg and bacon sandwich – We’ll use Chris’ Italian bread from the freezer.  This is a great sandwich.  The arugula is awesome.
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