What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Jan. 23)

So funny story about our meals for last week….remember how I mentioned some pulled pork we were making for a dinner of 70ish people?  Well, that dinner?  Didn’t happen.  It snowed all day on Thursday, and since Hoosiers are not quite used to that amount of snow fall (it was just light snow all day, for the record) it was called off.  That left us with one cake, a vegetarian bean mixture, 11 pounds of pulled pork and, the worst offender, 4 heads of wilted, shredded cabbage (intended for coleslaw, but thankfully not dressed).

The cake went to work with me.  The pork went in the freezer for the rescheduled dinner next month.  The vegetarian beans were mixed with leftover homefries for some tasty burritos in the freezer.  But the cabbage?  Well, let’s just say you’ll see a lot of that in our meals for this week.

  • Asian coleslaw with vegetable egg rolls – for the win, both of these will use cabbage.  I found a recipe for baking the egg rolls instead of frying, so hopefully they’ll still be tasty!
  • Black bean tacos with feta and slaw – So yeah, these are a fave already.  We have some feta in the fridge.  Oh, and some slaw.  Handy!
  • Pork tostadas – I saved a bit of the pulled pork (it doesn’t have barbeque sauce on it yet) for these.  I’ll top it with some cabbage (obvi), corn, and black beans.  Along with perhaps some leftover veggies from the egg rolls.
  • Pizza and spaghetti – leftover from last week, since we made soup today instead.
  • We’ll also go out once and have a few lunches from the freezer (11 pounds of pork takes up a fair amount of room, fyi).
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