What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Jan. 16)

Two.  No Three.  Wait, no 4! Exciting! Things!

  1. We made banana nut crunch muffins (halved the recipe, it made 12 regular sized ones).  They were good, but not our fave.  They did use up some frozen bananas we had in the freezer and fed three hungry boys well, though. (c:
  2. Orange sherbet – turns out it’s much tastier when oranges are in season.  Also, easier to make ice cream like things in the winter, which is unfortunate really.
  3. Bread machine bread – tasty.  Chris likes to make artisan breads, but we often need sandwich bread on top of that.  If I have him make the same old loaf, that means he can’t do his ‘for fun’ ones.  I decided to pull out the bread machine to make some honey whole wheat bread, and it turned out really well.  I didn’t actually have to do much, but I’m still pretty darn proud.
  4. New favorite use for leftover mashed potatoes – We used our little ramekin crocks and lined them with some mashed potatoes.  We sauteed up some leftover spinach, orange peppers  and onions to layer in the tater cup and put an egg on top.  Baked at 400 until the eggs were set.  Tasty and used up a lot of our leftovers.

Ok, enough of that.  I swear there’s more to my life than cooking.  It’s just unfortunate that all the other stuff is even less interesting and exciting. (c:  here’s what we’re eating this week!

  • Rosemary and garlic baked potatoes with mahi mahi – We splurged on some fish, and seized the opportunity to use the rest of the rosemary.  It took much longer than advertised, but it was a nice treat for us.
  • Baked mashed potato cups with eggs – I already gushed about this one for long enough.
  • Roast cabbage and egg noodles with blue cheese and bacon beer bread – conveniently, the bread uses up some things we had in our fridge and sounds darn tasty.
  • Spinach and chickpeas with baked brown rice – we’ve made the spinach dish before and it’s a favorite, but thought I’d try out the baked brown rice because it’s so hands off.
  • Leftover beer bread, hash browns and eggs
  • Pizza with leftover spaghetti sauce from the freezer
  • We’re also helping coordinate a meal for 70ish people and we’re making crockpot pulled pork, coleslaw and a cake.  We’ll improvise dinner for us on the night we do the prep.
  • We’ve got some lunches filled in with freezer burritos and empanadas.  I always tend to forget about things in the freezer, so I’m trying to be intentional about clearing it out regularly.
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