What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Jan. 9)

I continued my getting things done attitude through last week, and it helped that we had excess leftovers so we didn’t have to cook as much.  We even managed to not make one of our planned meals so we got to push it to this week.  Now, I took the weekend off, but hopefully my productivity is more than just a ‘kick the new year off right’ fluke!

Here’s what we’re eating this week.  Lots of freezer stuff, so we managed to keep the grocery bill pretty low, which is always a nice surprise.

  • Roast chicken, corn and rosemary garlic smashed potatoes – We got a local, free range chicken from the co-op and it was amazing.  We don’t do a lot of meat from week to week, but we hope to make these sorts of changes when we can.  Also, the rosemary smashed potatoes were really tasty and allowed us to use up all of the potatoes in the bajillion pound bag they sell for cheap around the holidays!
  • Buffalo chicken salad wrap – we used one of the breasts from the roast chicken to make this.  Made some wing sauce (butter and Frank’s), mixed that with a bit of mayo and cream cheese and mixed in a minced celery rib and sliced scallion.  The only thing that was missing was some lettuce.  yum!
  • Spinach and feta ‘meat’balls with penne and tomato sauce along with Chris’ Italian bread – We put this off from last week’s plan, and it was really good!  They didn’t taste like meatballs, but since I don’t like ground beef too much that was a good thing.  It also used red wine in the sauce and that kicked it up some. Chris’ bread was a perfect compliment.
  • Asian chicken noodle soup – we are making the broth for this with the chicken bones from our roast chicken right now, and we’ll use the leftover meat in it as well.  We’re giving this chicken some mileage this week!
  • Kale and lemon pesto over penne – this is from the freezer.  We wanted to make sure it didn’t go to waste!
  • Puff pastry pizza – we’ll be using some of our frozen pesto as the sauce and top it with blue cheese, onions, artichoke and orange pepper.  It’s an experiment, so we’ll have to see how it goes.
  • Orange sherbet – we tried to make this last summer, but the oranges were less than stellar.  With them in season, we’re going to give it a shot.
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