What was for [Christmas] dinner at the White house (Week of Dec. 19)

Suzi and Chris with funny cook hats

Us on Christmas morning in our Christmas pajamas, Chris with his new sweater over them, our Christmas aprons that say 'Kiss the Cook' and silly Christmas cook chef's hats.

Merry Belated Christmas from the White house!  Though I didn’t post this past week, I can assure you that the Christmas cooks (thanks Mom and Aunt D!) were busy and still eating…definitely still eating.  And you better believe I made sure that we used our Christmas dishes all week.  Might as well get good use out of them, even if it does mean doing a few more dishes to keep up.  I’ve got a few other related posts in the works, but here’s a glimpse into what we ate for our main Christmas meals.  We ate plenty of treats, but those will come in a later post.

On Thursday we both had the day off and had a nice relaxing ‘us’ day.  We did some kitchen prep work like finally making our turkey carcass into stock, but for the most part we just took it easy.  Our lunch was a lovely fake miso soup, that’s super easy and tasty.  We added some leftover soba noodles to it to make it a bit more filling.  It was, of course, eaten in Christmas bowls.  Once I remembered halfway through lunch that it was the perfect opportunity for Chris to use one of his gifts from me, he got to open it early.  I gave him chopsticks. (c:

miso soup in Christmas bowlsFor our early Christmas dinner we had ham, Brussels sprouts and scalloped potatoes.  Chris LOVES the Cook’s Illustrated recipe for scalloped potatoes and could. not. wait. until we had them again.  We don’t let ourselves make them too much because they’re super rich, but man, when we do it’s a good day.  I was spoiled and Chris did most of the prep for dinner since my back had been sore for two days.  If I do say so myself he did a great job cutting up all those tiny sprouts. (c:

Christmas dinner on the table

complete with egg nog and Sam Adam's winter ale in a geek glass!

ham, scalloped potatoes and Brussels sprouts hashThe next morning, Christmas Eve breakfast, we made some eggnog french toast.  We had a half loaf of brioche that Chris made a while back in the freezer, so we sliced that up and let it dry out a bit over night.  It was delicious.  Paired with some upstate NY homemade maple syrup, and we were both happy campers!  It was a great way to continue the Christmas festivities.

That evening we had a friend and Chris’ brothers over for appetizers.  I had a great time making some family favorites as well as trying a few new things.  I took the opportunity to get out my mom’s and grandma’s silver and some of the cutesy dishes I have for entertaining.  That might have been my favorite part of the whole night.  The treats are on a silver platter that reads: Duffer Dollies Most Improved 1978.  The Duffer Dollies was a golf club, and apparently though my Grandma wasn’t so good at golf she was getting better! (c:

Christmas eve appetizers and treatsFrom Left to Right, top row first:

  • A fancy cheddar (though not fancy enough since it’s orange) and some summer sausage on my neat marble cheese server set.
  • Crackers on silver
  • Treats (to be described soon!) on the aforementioned Duffer Dollies silver plate.
  • Fun plates that have a little notch on the side for the matching tea cup, not that anyone actually used the tea cups.  But it’s nice so that you can hold your plate and glass at the same time!

Bottom Row from left to right:

  • My Aunt Pat’s cheese ball.  Again, it looked a bit funny with the orange cheese.  But I decorated it with chopped parsley and paprika to make it Christmasy.  It’s sitting on a snowman plate and his little hands and feet are the spreaders.
  • Fake shrimp cocktail dip for crackers.  This is my Grandma’s.  We had it every Christmas and it sat in the den next to the little Christmas tree and the nuts.  It’s a block of cream cheese, smothered in cocktail sauce and little canned shrimp placed on top.  The boys were skeptical but liked it once they tried it.  It tastes like Christmas to me.
  • Baked Brie with apricot jam.  We got a great sale on the brie and it took me back to Smith College days. (c:
  • Chris’s brother’s pumpkin tart.  I don’t have the recipe for this one, but it was tasty and super sweet!
  • Deviled eggs on my Royal Albert deviled egg plate.  These went fast, as they always do.

Last but not least we had a Christmas day meal.  We opted for brunch with family instead of a dinner, since we wanted to focus on relaxing.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of the brunch!  Luckily it was pretty standard stuff, so you’re not missing much.  And I can still show you the table setting.

Christmas table setFor brunch we had little smokies, baked eggs florentine on Chris’ multi grain bread, fruit, home fries and  cinnamon rolls.  Ok, I lied.  You are missing something.  Chris’ cinnamon rolls.  They were phenomenal.  And rich.  But oh so worth it.

We had intended on making my Aunt D’s bean soup (Indiana style) for dinner, but we were so stuffed we just snacked on some leftover appetizers before heading to see our friend at the firehouse.  We got a ride in a fire truck for Christmas.  And we got to help wash it.  That’s right.  It was a great end to a really great holiday!

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  1. BFF says:

    Because it’s NOT AT ALL concerning to get a text from your BFF on Christmas that mentions a firetruck without any context… 😉

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