What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Oct. 17)

So, I should apologize for not keeping you posted on an entire month’s worth of meals.  But, we had a crazy few weeks!

First we went to North Carolina to visit family.  We enjoyed the beach, but the seafood even more.  Among other tasty food, we had the best crab melt and fish sandwich at Dock Street Oyster Bar.  You might not think these things are a big deal until you’ve lived in a land-locked state for a few years.

Shortly after we returned I left for upstate NY to meet my adorable new niece.  While I had Friday night fish fry, Hofmann hot dogs, Empire and Cortland apples and neapolitan cookies, Chris treated himself to some creamy carrot soup (blech). And for those of you who might be wondering, I did in fact smuggle some hot dogs home to Indiana in my suitcase.  I came home to some wonderfully planned meals thanks to Chris.  Apparently he missed the memo that if you plan the menu, you post on the blog, though. (c;  I guess he’s forgiven since he did do all the planning and grocery shopping.

Finally, we spent the first half of last week in the woods celebrating a whole year of being married!  Before we left we treated ourselves to mom’s/grandma’s spaghetti sauce and homemade donuts.  While on vacation we had our carrot cake (post forthcoming!), the best tenderloin sandwich I’ve ever had (I think they used Saltines as the breading), a supermarket deli lunch, pizza and some standard diner fare.  Don’t worry, we worked most of it off by hiking a ton on the forest trails.

The good news is we’re back to planning, and I think we’ve got some good stuff on the table (har har har (c;).

  • Lunch – date brunch at Cafe Django
  • Dinner – PW’s white chili (with corn and red pepper added)
  • Lunch – white chili
  • Dinner – out
  • Lunch – chili
  • Dinner – out with a friend
  • Lunch – quesadillas
  • Dinner – frozen leftover pierogies
  • Lunch – playing it by ear with leftovers
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2 comments on “What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Oct. 17)
  1. Doug Bodde says:

    You are lucky you got those dogs past TSA! I see they ship though; I might have to try out a sampler pack with German mustard.

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