What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Sept. 12)

Plus a bonus day!  I’ll throw in Saturday, Sept. 11th free of charge!

  • Lunch – Refrigerator clean up, including our really bad made-up rice and waaay-too-spicy tomatillo sauce enchiladas from last week
  • Dinner – Pierogies – hybrid/adapted recipe from Smitten Kitchen – pictures to come this week!
  • Bonus Sweet Treat – Grape Nut banana bread from Cook’s Country magazine.  the first banana bread recipe I’ve been really happy with so far!
  • Lunch – Out with friends
  • Dinner – cookout with friends! we made potato salad and Chris pulled out his best batch of hot dog and hamburger rolls yet!
  • Lunch – leftover pierogies
  • Dinner – Sweet potato Thai curry – we’re enjoying some of the final things the farmers’ market has to offer for the season!
  • Lunch – leftover Thai curry
  • Dinner – Honeymoon soup.  I finally broke down and allowed soup on the menu, because we had one cool day.  Now it’s hot again, but I’ll let the soup stay.  This is a soup we adapted from a recipe my BFF gave me.  It’s chicken broth, spinach, white beans, egg noodles and whole canned tomatoes served with parmesan cheese.  We made the variation on our honeymoon, hence the nickname. (gag–there, I did it for you! (c: )
  • Lunch – Thai curry
  • Dinner – pasta and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash with pesto sauce
  • Lunch – leftover honeymoon soup
  • Dinner – sauteed tilapia and fresh green beans
  • Lunch – leftover honeymoon soup
  • Dinner – improvise and see what’s left at the end of the week! (likely we’ll use leftover pierogi filling and make potato pancakes and scrambled eggs)
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One comment on “What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Sept. 12)
  1. BFF says:

    Oh, you would go on and on about your honeymoon! 😉

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