What’s for dinner at the White house? (Week of Sept. 5)

Good question!  I’ll even throw in lunch since that’s the way we plan.  Themes?  Bread and Mexican to use up a lot of what we have hanging around.

  • Lunch – Out with friends
  • Dinner – Tomato and corn pie with sauteed okra (I’m not afraid of pie crust any more!)
  • Lunch – curry chicken salad on Chris’ whole wheat baguettes for a Labor Day picnic
  • Dinner – egg sandwiches (bacon, egg, cheese, arugula) on Chris’ homemade English muffins (it was a bread baking weekend!)
  • Lunch – leftover tomato pie and okra
  • Dinner – black bean enchiladas with fresh tomatillo sauce (via Cook’s Illustrated) and made up rice with lime, cilantro and tomatoes
  • Lunch – leftover tomato pie and okra
  • Dinner – chicken tostadas
  • Lunch – egg sandwiches (frozen and thawed, they hold up pretty well)
  • Dinner – Burrito pie at Circles initiative
  • Lunch – leftover enchiladas and rice
  • Dinner – refrigerator clean out
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