Judging from the kind words of our family and friends, this blog is long overdue.  It excites us every time we prepare a meal–a new one or a tried and true favorite.  It encompasses so much of our daily lives that it only makes sense that we’d want to share what goes on in our kitchen with you, our family and friends.

Some of our recipes will be fussy.  Some will be easier.  Some will be sentimental.  And still some may be disasters.  But we hope you can take from them a little bit regardless of the outcome.  Maybe you’ll get to try some straight from our kitchen (shameless plug for visitors? why yes, yes it is.).  Or maybe you’ll get to experience them in the comfort of your own kitchen when you try them on your own.  Either way, we’re pleased you’re joining us for dinner at the White house!

Yes, we know the name is corny.  But would you expect anything less from us?

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One comment on “Finally!
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, Suz…your mom was bragging on you to me today at school so I thought I would check out yours and Chris’ website…hope life is good to you guys….happy ALMOST anniversary and take care…I am district librarian now at PACS and dividing my time evenly between the ms/hs and the elem. …it’s a lot of fun and lots less work…hallelujah cuz I don’t know how much this 56 year old gal can take!

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